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Welcome to the Hayatsuki Junior High English Webpage!

Every year, the Hayatsuki Junior High third year students (9th graders) are asked to write a short essay about a school event or about their after school clubs as part of a textbook assignment. The assignment is pretty routine. The textbook simply tells the students to imagine they are writing about their school for the school website. This year, my co-teachers and I decided to take the assignment a step further, and asked the students to write real content for their school website. It could be about anything school related, and we allowed the students to choose their topics.

Here are the resulting essays!

The topics vary from school events and activities, to school life and extracurricular activities. We hope that you enjoy reading our students’ work and learn something about our school. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at school email. < school@hayatsuki-j.nk.tym.ed.jp > We are looking forward to hearing from you!
(Kseniya R.Vaynshtok / 2015)

School events
・Field trip to Takayama ( 1st year / 7th grade )
・Field trip to Kanazawa ( 2nd year / 8th grade )
・School trip
・School festival (Hayachuusai)
・Sports Day
・Entrance ceremony

・Track and field
・Soft tennis
・Table tennis
・Brass band
・Science and cooking

・No uniform day
・Aisatsu ekiden
・School lunch
・Student council (elections)